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sincereandsilent asked:

Hiii uh this may sound a little weird but I have a question about one of your posts. I'm going to be attending chatham this fall and I saw your post with all the funny things under the tag. Like it's a long story on my part, but I'm having some bad feelings about chatham and college in general. Some of the things you said are my exact worst fears. Idk how old that post was so this may be a bit weird but yea, is it that bad? Am I going to waste my money? A lot of money?

I get this question a lot, so don’t feel silly. College, in general, is always a frightening prospect. And yes it is an investment but its one you need to make to really achieve a career. 

As for Chatham, it has its good points and its bad points. The good points are the atmosphere and the faculty. The faculty at Chatham is like family to me. They cared for me and when I was in my darkest moments (I lost both my father and my grandparents while I was attending college) they lifted me up. 

As for the administration, there are some serious issues evolving at Chatham. I have high hopes for the new dean of students (and my dear adviser) Dr. Lenz. He has always been a confident and caring spokesman for students and for women. I trust him implicitly and I expect him to bring the same level of dignity and thoughtfulness to his new post.

In relation to your fears, it is a question I cannot answer. Only you can decide to go to Chatham or not to. If you think or just deeply feel that there is somewhere better for you to attend than Chatham, than that’s where you should be. But if you feel deep, deep down that Chatham is where you want to be, I hope you move forward and have a memorable learning experience. 

I hope I have been of some service to you. 


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